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Website accessibility statements

Our team understand the importance of inclusivity for all website users. A website accessibility statement is a declaration that a website is designed to be accessible for everyone, taking into consideration WCAG 2.1 and public sector accessibility regulations.

Accessibility statements are essential as they provide website users with information about a website’s accessibility features and limitations. It really is an essential part of an inclusive and compliant website.

Without an accessibility statement, users with disabilities might be unable to tell if a website is fully accessible, which could lead to a negative or confusing user experience.


Why do I need an accessibility statement?

Inclusivity and equal access for all

Having a website accessibility statement shows your commitment to inclusivity and equal access for everyone, regardless of their abilities. It shows that you care about how your website is designed and optimized to accommodate users with disabilities, doing your best to ensure that they can fully engage with your content and services.

Compliance with laws and regulation

Website accessibility is already a legal requirement in many sectors, and this will only expand. By including an accurate accessibility statement on your website, you reduce the risk of legal issues and possible discrimination claims. This statement can serve as evidence of your efforts to meet accessibility standards.

Improved user experience

Accessibility features designed for users with disabilities often benefit all users, enhancing user's website experience. An accessibility statement is just one more of these functions, laying out clear guidance of how accessible your website is and any help or issues people with disabilities are offered or may encounter.

Transparency and trust

An accessibility statement promotes transparency and builds trust with your website visitors. It shows that you value their experience and are making an effort to provide an inclusive digital experience. This in turn may help add to positive perception of your brand as well as increased user happiness and loyalty.

What our service offers

Our website accessibility statement service offers businesses a customised accessibility statement for their website. We’ll work with you to make sure the statement meets all relevant regulations relevant to your industry and wider WCAG 2.1 AA standards and that it accurately reflects your website’s accessibility features and limitations.

Our team of accessibility experts will carefully evaluate the information that you provide to us about your website so that the statement is accurate and comprehensive.

What are the benefits of working with us?

We have written over 75 accessibility statements in various industries and sectors and have in dephth knowledge of what needs to go into and a statement. In short, we know our stuff.

We’ll work with you to ensure that your business is portrayed in a consistent style to the rest of your website, and highlight and major issues in the infromation that you provide to us about your website.

How to get started?

Get in touch today for more information about our website accessibility statements, we’d be happy to talk through the process with you.